GLAMOUR BRANDS is primarily a discount company. As such, our policies will differ from full retail companies. We understand that our policies are quite different than your average E-tailer. However, being primarily a discount company we find that the great value of our product offerings outweigh the need for a liberal return policy. GB accepts returns of new, unused, untested items that are sold sealed ONLY. Sold unsealed products are FINAL SALE. This does mean that the vast majority of products sold on GB are FINAL SALE. In order for us to keep our prices and shipping as low as possible, as well as bring you the best possible beauty lines all in one convenient place, we are absolutely not able to accept returns on used product or sold unsealed product. Please DO NOT send back any used/tested product as we will simply dispose of it. Products sent back to GB that do not qualify for refund will be disposed of. All product returns must be sent back to GB post marked no later than 7 days from shipment date of your order to you.
PLEASE NOTE: GB does not have an exchange process. We do not exchange any item for a different item due to programming limitations. All product purchased at a discount from retail price (less than regular MSRP) and meeting the above requirements will be charged a 10% restock fee upon return. Products purchased at full retail (MSRP) will not be charged a restock fee. MSRP is the going retail price at most retailers. The GB site may or may not display the retail price along side the discount price. Shipping is non refundable.

Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacements of any kind.

When returning products purchased from GB that you feel are defective please note it is up to our discretion to deem them unsatisfactory. If unsatisfactory, a full refund and return shipping via first class mail will be made to your initially charged account. If the products are deemed good, the refund will not be made as used/tested/unsealed items are non refundable. Those items will be disposed of OR reshipped to you at your expense. We regret this statement must be made to prevent tested items from being returned that a buyer may simply not like.
When returning, please make sure your parcel contains the following information:
1. Order number must be on the outside of the package. Simply hand write “Order number —–“.
2. Include a copy of this entire email string OR hand write a note as to your request for exchange. (when exact product in good condition is available, an exchange will be made and shipped to you at no extra charge, and no refund will be given.)
3. (FOR DAMAGED ITEMS:  If it is determined that you have initially received a defective item, first class shipping for sending the item back to us will be refunded to you and no shipping will be charged upon reshipment of exchanged item.)